3 Quick Tips to Not Get Ripped Off at a Used Car Auction


We see them advertised everywhere: “Cars for $500” “Police seizures, get your dream car.” These used car auctions are real and can be an awesome way to get you some cheap wheels. It is pretty straight forward: You go to the auction, bid on the vehicle you want, and walk away with a car. Now, each auction will have its own rules. For instance, one may allow you to have your own financing or they may provide their own financing. Other will have a minimum down payment from $100 up to a $1000. Just make sure you read the rules before you go. There is some dealer auction that really benefits the buyers much because they could get a very good unit of car with cheap prices compared to others.

Tip #1
Go to an auction with no intention of buying anything. This is a great way to go check out the process to see own things work. Most likely it will be free or very low cost to get in, but the education and the confidence you will gain will be priceless. Car auction will be very advantage to those people who love to own cars with cheap price but have quality.

Tip #2
Get a list before the auction so you know what cars are going to be there and then research the one’s that you are interested in buying. Check the mileage and cost and compare it with Edmonds, J.D. Power, and Kelley Blue Book. Decide BEFORE you go what you think is a good deal for the car. Stick to your plan. Don’t get caught up in the excitement. You are trying to get a good deal here, remember.

Tip #3
If it’s allowed, bring in a mechanic beforehand to check out the vehicle. A lot of auctions may not let you do this but, if they do, take advantage of it. These cars are going to be sold ‘as is’ so this is an awesome advantage to you if you take the time to do it. Like any other car auction, this tip is very important to make sure the quality of the car you are buying with. get more info coming from http://www.thecanadianautomotivejury.ca/helpful-tips-consider-buying-vehicles-used-car-auctions/

auctionsRemember, this a very real way to buy a car or truck. Dealerships and used car dealers with be there buying up cars in multiple numbers so they can resell them. Don’t be intimidated. They can’t buy them all and if you do a few of the things mentioned above you with have a lot more confidence going in. Also, don’t forget to research and review the car you are going to be bidding on. It is a very important step in the process. Knowledge is power.

There is so many other online auto auction and used car auction in the Internet, but make sure you are dealing with the legitimate car dealers online as there are many scammers roaming all over the Internet to victimize people you grab the opportunity offered without doing some research. Good luck getting your new wheels.